Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Quick outfit post

I picked up this amazing leather studded jacket on my trip to the US in this little boutique on melrose avenue (unfortunately I can't remember the name but it was probably my favourite shop that I visited while over there). Whenever I wear it I usually get comments on how awesome it is, it's definitely one of my most prized positions. I like how its edgy and punk and I can continue that look throughout the outfit or style it with something really girly like floral prints to contrast. I wore it when returning back to Australia on the plane, it was too heavy to fit in my overflowing luggage (yes the shopping in the US is even more amazing than everyone says it is).  I apologise for not taking a picture of the back of it or a close up so that you can see the studs I promise to do that for a future post!

Wearing: Sweater: Forever 21, Jacket: Melrose Avenue,  Sunglasses: Ebay, Shoes: JC Tardy's

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