Friday, 20 July 2012

Warm and Toasty

Wearing: faux fur vest by anarchy street, Mustard blouse via Bondi Markets , Sportsgirl body con skirt, White stockings and Spiked bracelet from Ebay, Brown boots from Maxs Shoes

Just a quick outfit post before I headed out the door (a week ago) ahh i'm so lazy! I have so many posts to do but haven't gotten around to uploading photos yet. This lazyness ends today I guarantee it. Considering my guarantee's arn't, well always truthful i'm going to take an oath here on my blog so whoever reads this is my witness... I Azar, promise to stop being lazy and start to do all the things on my "to do list". Just to include the top of my list (maybe writing it will help me to do it?)
1. Get a job
2. Blog more
3. Exercise (lose weight)
4. Moisturise daily
5. Figure out a better organising system for my overflowing closet.
6. Figure out what uni degree I want to change too, look into journalism.

I could probably be here all day writing what I need to do but these were the first 6 that came to my head and I decided to stop at 6 not to bore you all. If anyone has any motivational/organisational skills, I'd love to hear them!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Napoleon Perdis- Sale and Review

A few weekends ago I went to the Napoleon Perdis Sale in Alexandria which was held in their huge make -up school. I wasn't it expecting it to be that great because Napoleon Perdis isn't the cheapest brand and I recently lost my job so I need to be very picky with the things I buy. To my surprise, I was really pleased, the prices were crazy cheap and unlike other big sales they had plenty of stock. Here is some photos of some of things I bought, I've used most of them already and am really happy with the turnout.

 The bag they gave me will definitely be re-used, it's my favourite bag I've received from a shop.
The little bottles are eye primer, I bought 3 of them for $1 each and then they ended up giving me a lot of free samples. I've got so many now I don't need to buy a larger bottle.
 I really needed some new primer, the one I was using wasn't very good and didn't seem to make my makeup last very long. This set came with two, a ordinary primer which is the white/cream colour as well as a bronzing primer. I've been using the white one and I really like it, it sets my foundation well and I've definitely noticed my make-up lasting for longer. Due to it being winter and my skin being white, I haven't used the other one yet but I really like the colour and will definitely be using it in the summer once I get a nice tan. This set cost a cheap $6, you can't ask for better then that!
 I picked up 4 eyeshadow's which were selling for $5 each. I didn't have any good read and yellow eye shadows so I picked those 2 colours up. The blue and the green are very much pastel colours so I wanted to buy those to fit with my new favourite pastel trend. They are very pigmented and are all really nice colours so these were great buys. con
This toner was only $5. I've been using it after cleansing and really like the fresh feel of it on my face. Its not heavy on my skin and doesn't have that strong chemical like scent which I have noticed that some toners have.
I also purchased the patrol palette for $8. Both the brushes were missing which is why I got free samples. I love how the bottom slips out, making it double decker palette so it takes up much less space. Having different lip colours, eye shadows and a blush and bronzer all in a small confined palette with a mirror couldn't be more handy for 8 bucks.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Purple and Gold

Just a quick outfit post as I was running out the door. I picked up this dress from General Pants for about $60 which I am madly in love with. The print is what attracted it to me in the first place as well as the gold and black with the purple infusion. It's super comfy and I love that it's long sleeved. I spent at least 10 minutes looking for a belt to wear it with to synch in the waist and my belts seemed to have disappeared. I never had very many, for some reason I never buy belts even though they can make an outfit complete. I found this very old one I purchased from Supre and decided it would do. I'm in definite need of purchased new belts, I've been eyeing the Moschino belt for a while but haven't gotten around to buying it yet. Hopefully I will soon.

Wearing: Insight dress, Supre belt, Aldo boots